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Our sailing athletes put in incredibly long hours of practice, training and racing that have helped bring and keep them on the top levels of the competitive sailing world. The strenuous efforts they put in results in the accumulation of invaluable experience. As a result, these professionals can easily break down the most important qualities of their gear and vessels, or explain intricate details of what different components and materials do. This makes members of our Sail Racing Test Team important filters of crucial information.

We took two of our test team members, Jes Gram-Hansen and Rasmus Kostner, the co-skippers of the SAP Extreme Sailing Team, to a test center for racing cars. The wind tunnel at the center is normally used by premium sports car brands to determine their aerodynamic values prior to the racing season. In here, the wind reaches really high speeds. While it’s something that’s rarely encountered while racing at sea, we were able to utilize the advantages of this controlled environment to test the effectiveness of new Sail Racing Fleet series garments that are sewn from WINDSTOPPER® fabric.

Inside the wind tunnel, we could control the flow and strength of the wind speed and examine the performance of the garments while Jes and Rasmus stood in different positions and replicated movements that they would make during a race at sea.

“It was a bit of a strange feeling, standing there looking into the dark hole, hearing the spooky sound of the wind machine starting up,” Jes commented. “I actually shuddered for a few seconds. But then, trying to stand up against the force of the wind was just great fun. The constant power and the straight direction that the wind was blowing from really put us and the WINDSTOPPER® garments into a tough testing situation.”
“The products worked great,” Rasmus added. “Even facing wind speeds up to 65 knots, it was amazing how the fabric not only protected me from the wind, but also prevented the cooling effect on my body!”

The Sail Racing Fleet series in WINDSTOPPER® consisting of jacket, shorts, pants and vest are now available in the webshop and from authorized retailers.

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