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BEYOND THE BORDER There will always be new frontiers. The purpose of our trip was to hunt for frozen lakes in North America and Canada. This was to experience the adrenaline rush of skeeting – the Formula One of ice sailing. With speeds of up to 200 kilomoters per hour and extreme weather conditions it was an inspiring enviroment to take Sail Racing apparell into. A journey of development, technology and total commitment.

Looking for the perfect black ice is the ultimate challange for an ice-boater. The specially built craft are eight meters long with 75 square feet sails and are capable of reaching speeds up to 200 kph over the hard surface. Thus they require optimal conditions to perform. Too much snow, too lilttle wind or dangerous pressure cracks on the lake surface lead to a no-show.

However, when everything works out, skeeting is an action-packed sport that produces a huge adrenaline rush.Speed is the name of the game. We discovered that skeeting mirrors our world. Our challange is to find new ideas, technologies and materials to fuse together to bring you the latest innovations and to stay in front. Most we never compromise, just like the ice-boaters on the hunt for the perfect ice.

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