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Having the opportunity to work with world class athletes brings with it a big responsibility and, more importantly, a great privilege. A situation that has always been one of our foundations of previous projects, and we use it as a personal dynamo to design products with proper function and durability. The key to this kind of collaborative work is collecting useful information through dialogue, sharp eyes and hard work.

Our athletes put in immensely long hours of practice, racing and training that have brought them to and keep them at the very top. Strenuous efforts that result in the accumulation a lot of valuable experience.

They can easily break down what the important qualities are, or explain intricate details of what they do, making them important filters of crucial information.

Another aspect is the stories told us by the used equipment. Physical feedback from our products is just as important as theoretical. 
Where did that tear come from? Why is it worn out here? We can spot these details and use them to
develop and apply totally new insights and ideas on how to approach and solve problems. This kind of information frequently provides inspiration for creating entirely new products.

The fact that every project is a totally new learning experience and challenge, from the very first sketch to the finished product, is a great motivational force.

Just like this elite group of sailors, we are constantly looking for ways to improve what we are doing, where we need to be better and what is possible to achieve. One trait of the profession is that we tend to find ideas everywhere and anytime, often when we least expect it. When actively seeking inspiration, we tend to focus on other sport genres, especially less popular sports where creative
freedom is not so restricted by rules and regulations.

This is because these sports change quicker, owing to less focus on competitive edge and more focus on the individual experience.

Our athletes have developed senses that tell them the differences in equipment immediately. Differences that are technically impossible to measure, even with today’s sophisticated technology. It’s an 
intangible reasoning, but always highly dependable. Similarly, our senses become tuned to see and, especially, feel the nuances that make the difference between a good product and a great one.

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