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The “Skeeter” class is the “Formula One” of winter sailing. It’s a wide-open action-packed sport that produces a huge adrenaline rush and where state-of-the-art sailing rules. With a 75 square foot (7.0 m2) maximum sail area and hulls constructed of high tech materials such as carbon fiber and Kevlar, the “Skeeter” is an aerodynamic, swift vessel on smooth ice.
The Skeeter sailors eagerly wait all spring, summer and autumn to race across the frozen lakes scattered in and around Madison, Wisconsin, when the ice is black, smooth, clear of snow and the winds are favorable.

The local bodies of fresh water named Kegonsa, Monona, Mendota and Wabesa comprise the reason why Madison is often described as the “City of Four Lakes”.

With winter temperatures that plummet to 0°F (−18°C) on an average of 17 nights each year, the “Skeeter” sailors who reside here usually find plenty of days each winter when they can put their crafts together onto the ice and go for hours and days of spectacular high speed sailing.

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