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On July 7, 1977, the Sail Racing brand was officially registered. The brand was created by a group of enthusiasts who shared a single-minded desire to create products that met their needs and embodied their passion for sailing.

Two decades later, the brand was re-launched with our founders’ original sense of purpose still firmly anchored in place. Inspired by lifetimes of sailing experiences, the company determined that all products with the Sail Racing insignia must be innovative and functional to meet the most demanding sailors and offshore conditions they face.

During this period of regeneration at Sail Racing, in the late 1990s, technical advances in clothing and gear for sailing were being introduced at a slower pace compared to skiing or mountaineering. At the time, competition was fierce in those industries and the call for more technical fabrics and solutions was being answered with a much greater sense of urgency.

But Sail Racing set upon a fast course of action with a tight-knit crew comprised of industrial designers, pattern constructors and material experts. And with experienced sailors at the helm of our test teams, our first collection of garments was produced.

The Essence of Speed

From the beginning, we’ve believed that the essence of speed and surge of adrenaline that sharpens the senses and sends the mind into hyper-focus mode are vital ingredients in products specially suited for top sailing athletes.

This feeling is imbedded as deeply into the DNA of our product designers and testers, as it is with sailors who push the outer limits of their skills in order to propel themselves and their boats forward at breakneck speeds.

Peerless quality and innovation

The culmination of our efforts is peerless quality and innovation. All Sail Racing products are stitched of high-tech fabrics, designed in shapes and sizes to precisely fit their purpose, and finished with details that showcase the well thought-out processes and talents of the craftspeople who produce them.

Then, before any piece of gear is made available for purchase, it’s repeatedly subjected to stressful conditions in international speed sailing contests by our Sail Racing Test Team, or scrutinized during gruelling, months-long journeys by our Antarctica Expedition Team.
The feedback these professionals provide help us keep Sail Racing well clear of our competition, at the forefront of our industry. This is our reward for introducing products that have more than our ambitions, dreams and sweat sewn in them. They have a piece of our soul.
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