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10 years  ago, the Glacier Bay Parka debuted in the historic Sail Antarctica Expedition led by skipper Skip Novak. On board a vessel with the crew of 11 experienced  sailors, including Magnus “Mange” Olsson, Hasse Bauer and Richard Brisius, the Glacier Bay Parka’s design was exposed to a battle for survival. For weeks, average daily temperatures hovered down near -40°C. The boat and crew of the Antarctica Expedition team were constantly buffeted by stiff headwinds as they sought to reach a pinpoint on the map that’s aptly named Snow Hill.

Needless to say, the design and construction of the parka didn’t happen overnight. On the contrary, it was the product of months of daily wear and testing in the Antarctica, one of the coldest and most desolate locations on earth.

Today, after a decade of service, the Glacier Bay Parka has incorporated the lessons of time and newly acquired knowledge of technological developments in fabric and insulation to offer you updated protection from severely cold conditions.

The Glacier Bay Parka is made in GORE-TEX® 2-Layer stretch fabric that provides increased flexibility and comfort, while at the same time, ensuring its windproof and waterproof properties. Insulated with Thermolite®, the parka maintains an impressive warmth-to-weight ratio even in the face of a howling blizzard on land or snow squall at sea.

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