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Although he’s made a career out of sailing the oceans of the world for the past 15 years, Swedish-born Martin Enckell’s life-long fascination with water actually began under it.

After learning that his father worked for Jacques-Yves Cousteau aboard the famous ship Calypso, Martin insisted on learning to dive at the age of 12.  His training started with Israeli navy divers in the Red sea.

At the top of his own impressive ‘bucket list’ of accomplishments, Martin has stood at the Geographical North Pole seven times. He’s also spent long more than a year in the Drake Passage, logged ten Austral summers in the Antarctic and five more in the Arctic. As if that weren’t enough, Martin has crossed the Antarctic and Arctic Circles on numerous occasions and vessels.

Martin works as Expedition Leader, Zodiac Driver and Dive Master.  Based for 18 months in the Maldives, but wanting to specialize in the colder waters of the world, Martin and his brother founded the Quark Expeditions Antarctic Dive Program.

From vessels he’s skippered, Martin has successfully guided diving excursions in the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia and Falkland Islands over a four-year period.

Yet, by his own choosing, and following his own internal compass, Martin has spent the majority of his time in the Polar Regions. He readily professes that the Antarctica and the Arctic, together with Svalbard and Greenland, have become his favorite points on any map of the world.

Most recently, the high Arctic has captured Martin’s interest during voyages that have taken him to Iceland, as well as trips off the east and west coasts of Greenland. From there, he’s sailed through the waters of the high Arctic to Baffin, Hudson Bay and down along the Labrador coastline, culminating in a circumnavigation of Newfoundland.

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